About Us


Our Vision

Every individual should get the best out of every rupee spent on each particular services or product. That means we believe in value for money and would be happy to assist you in finding the best of the best deals in the market. ShockCoupons has always thrived in finding the excellence in customization of offers so that you get the best. We are the only one in the market who is planning to bring out online and offline together so that everyone in the line gets the true benefit out of a deal including enterprises and your nearby vendors (Innovative SME’s with young, skilled and vibrant talents).

Our Story

We saw an opportunity where profits for buyer and seller were going down the drain due to lack of awareness about wastage of resources which are already paid for doing nothing and there we thought of lowering everyone’s load in order to reduce the national wastage of resources. Hence we came up with a plan to increase the revenue for the seller and decrease the pricing for the buyer. Founders of ShockCoupons have seen lots of ups and downs hence we understand the value for money and how to make an excellent strategy in order to harvest every last coin spent. Our AIM is to grow with our Nation and utilize the best talent in the industry and we are also preparing a superb plan to fight unemployment in the country.

Meet the Team

ShockCoupons is founded by woman Entrepreneurs who believe in 100% utilization of almost every resource available.

Sanchita Burman and Neha Chandel had thought of this idea when they identified the wastage of resources which includes time, money, and nonrenewable energy.


Sanchita Burman is a seasoned Human Resources professional with a larger part of expertise in resource planning, training, development and execution.


Neha Chandel is a subject matter expert in Labour Law and Resource Planning. She carries a long consulting exposure dealing with various vendors and end users.


Next Steps…

Easy selection and Buying process as per your needs and in case you know someone who is not that internet savvy can also save money with our text messaging facility, if at all required we can also provide a hard copy.

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